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Aluminum Plastic Laminated Tube

Brief introduction:

This aluminum plastic laminated tube we supply is made from our high stand composite tube production line which also manufactured by us. Aluminum plastic laminated tube produced by us is clean but innocuous with good property of tightness. This kind of tube can well separate gas, steam, odder from outside. It is convenient to squeeze, and prevent air into the tube to cause germ contamination. The product has a long-time quality guarantee period. In addition, it can be squeezed anyway; moreover the tube has the feature of smooth, pliable and colorful.


We produce all kinds of aluminum plastic laminated tube for filling food, medicine and so on; especially, the dentifrice tube can be used to fill all kinds of toothpaste, such as, ordinary toothpaste, crystal transparent toothpaste, toothpaste drugs, and color of toothpaste.
Daily chemical product categories can be used for filling face washing milk, armguard paste, dyed hair and various cream-like cosmetics and shoe polish, watercolors ink, oil, lubricants, and so on.
Food tubes are used to fill condensed milk, peanut butter, hot pepper sauce, chocolate sauce, mustard sauce, and other food seasoning paste.
Drug tubes are used to fill beriberi ointment, burn ointment, hemorrhoids ointment, skin cream, eye ointment, chilblain paste and so on various medicinal ointment.
Diameter: φ12.7mm - φ60mm
Boom Industry is a professional manufacturer and supplier of aluminum plastic laminated tube in China. With 15 years experience of producing, selling and service in this products, we have exported aluminum plastic laminated tube worldwide like the United States, Japan, Russia, Australia, New Zealand, Indonesia, Malaysia, India, Burma, Italy, France, Nigeria, Vietnam, Iran, Syria, Kazakhstan, Poland, Romania etc, more than 80 countries and regions, and gain great reputation among those customers. If you need, please contact us.

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