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Aluminum Tube

Brief introduction:

Boom company offer all kinds of specification of tubes, diameter from 8mm-40mm. The length of the body and neck can be designed in accordance to clients needs.
The mouth of tube: you can choose what you want, thin roof and sealed, opening, or tine; of course other special requirement are also available.
Inner wall: it is spayed by epoxy resign; with solid and reliable features, it is used for the purpose of sealing the material inside.

Printing: the tube can be printed white other colors. The big advantage of this product is colorful, graphic clear with bright visual eyes. So it can be easily publicized because of its bright color. In addition, we can design all kinds of shapes tube according to the needs of clients.
Art paint aluminum tube, glue aluminum tube, cosmetics aluminum tube and medicinal aluminum tube all used the sealed mouth; inner wall is spayed epoxy resin; the end of tube has adhesive, which is with the sealed role.
Diameter: 8mm-φ40mm

Specification comparison table of aluminum tube:

Specification of aluminum tube we can make at present ф(mm) length(mm)
max min
40 200 150
38 195 150
35 195 105
32 195 105
30 195 105
28 175 105
25 175 100
22 150 90
19 120 90
16 90 60
13.5 75 55
12 65 50
8 42 40
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Boom Industry is a professional manufacturer and supplier of aluminum tube in China. With 15 years experience of producing, selling and service in this products, we have exported aluminum tube worldwide like the United States, Japan, Russia, Australia, New Zealand, Indonesia, Malaysia, India, Burma, Italy, France, Nigeria, Vietnam, Iran, Syria, Kazakhstan, Poland, Romania etc, more than 80 countries and regions, and gain great reputation among those customers. If you need aluminum tube, please contact us.
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