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B-ZSN-II Plastic Injection Moulding Machine

Brief Introduction:

The B•ZSN-II plastic injection moulding machine uses the double-mould alternative forming way which learns from foreign technologies. Based on our second generation, this machine has the high productivity. Besides, two workers are needed to press the joint mold, when the machine worked. In order to keep safe of workers, don't touch the middle of the mould.
B.ZSN-II plastic injection moulding machine can remodel on screw and input in a fixed quantity at a specific position. The whole production process is fluent and completed, and this machine can control temperature and jet press in different sectors.
With firing rate and stepless adjustment, it is convenient to clean the pipe, adjust the mold. With pneumatic interlocking and small installation space makes sure that it is convenient to assemble and disassemble the mould.
Tube should-injection mould diameter is 12.7mm-60mm. The shape of the mould is ellipse and round; of course, except screw shape, we can produce the products according to the customers' need.


1. B.ZSN-II plastic injection moulding machine uses four-column vertical compression mold-locked; with Chinese and English control and screen display, it ensures fluent operation and fast speed. Dual ratio pressure and oil flow control optimizes the mechanical structure.
2. Sliding floor uses nodular cast iron. Moreover, with lubricated hole, the connect point is steel isolation so that it can reduce the abrasion of slide plate and small transmutation and prolong the using time and increase precision.
3. Different slide plate can be available if use to match ejector; stroke, stripping force, ejector operate speed can be adjusted freely; at the same time, the stripping times can be preset in accordance with demands.
4. Safety operation: single plate is doing reciprocating movement, and insert device and fetch device operate outside.
5. The machine has double slide plate to use it to slide left and right; one mold molding and one mold operating outside so that can increase 30-50% work efficiency.
6. This machine has diversity of oil system design: semi-closed, closed, servo or high speed injection.
7. Equipped with automatic embedded and fetch device, this machine is fully automatic.

Main Technical Parameters of B•ZSN-II Plastic Injection Moulding Machine:

Model Units B.ZSN-II
Injection system Screw Diameter MM ¢32 ¢36
Injection Pressure Kg/C㎡ 1662 1313
Theoretical Shot Volume CM³ 96 122
Max. Shot Weight g/oz 86/3.0 109/3.8
Injection Rate CM³/sec 58 73
Temperature Control Zone 4
Material Hopper Capacity L 20
Clamping system Clamping Force T 40
Opening Force T 8.3
Distance between Tie Bars Mm 415*255
The Biggest Contain Mold Space Mm 400*250
Min Mold Height Mm 150
Opening Stroke Mm 200
Max Open Daylight Mm 350
Ejector Force T 1.3
Ejector Stroke Mm 40
Hydraulic Electric system Max Hydraulic Pressure Kg/ C㎡ 140
Pump Output L 160
Pump Motor Power Kw 5.5
Barrel Heating Power Kw 4.1
Total Wattage Kw 9.6
Slip form system Slide Plate Size Mm 840*390
Slide Plate Stroke Mm 420
Round Set Diameter Mm -
Others Machine Weight T 1.3(1.9)
Size (L*W*H) m 1.8*1.2*2.6 (2.1*1.1*2.6)
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