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B-ZT-II Plastic Injection Forming Machine


1. The plastic injection forming machine B•ZT-II is high work efficiency because of double-mould alternative forming ways.
2. This machine can pre-mold on screw with material-input in a fixed quantity at a specific position.
3. The speed of hydraulic mould closure can be adjusted low or high.
4. With pneumatic interlocking and small installation space makes sure that it is convenient to assemble and disassemble the mould.
5. Should-injection mould diameter of tube is 12.7mm-60mm. The shape of the mould is ellipse and round; of course, except screw shape, we can produce the products according to the needs of customers'.

Main Technical Parameters of B•ZT-II Plastic Injection Forming Machine:

Power of The Main Machine 5.5KW
Heating Power 3.5KW
Casting Quantity 63cm3
Power Supply 136MPa
Mould-Lock Power 400KN
Mould-Open Power 100KN
Production Capacity 22-24pcs/min
Dimension 2300×1700×2800mm
Weight 1300kg
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