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The capping machine B.XG-Ⅰwhich is also named bottle capper B.XG-Ⅰ, is suitable to cap soft tubes, like laminated tubes, plastic tubes and aluminum tubes. The big advantage of this machine is that it can save manpower and increase productivity. Highly automatic and quick speed enables the decrease the production cost.
This capping machine is used for capping of soft tubes, such as laminated tubes, plastic tubes and aluminum tubes. It can improve worker's labor intensity and increase production. It has high automation and high speed and further decrease your production cost.
This machine can be widely used in the areas of toothpaste, cosmetics, medicine and food industries.

Main Technical Parameters of B.XG-ⅠCapping Machine (Bottle Capper):

Specifications Power supply 220V 50hz
Capping speed 60-100 pcs/min.
Diameters of tubes 12.7-60 mm
Length of tubes 50-300 mm.
Air source 0.4-0.8 mpa
Dimension: 2600×900×1900mm
Weight: 330kg
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