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Six Color Rotating Printer


This six-color rotary printer B•YS-6 is a printing machine that is suitable to use paint 1-6 color(s) and dying tubes.
Features of Six Color Rotary Printer:
1. The heat loss is reduced by direct heating of chamber type of dryer reduces.
2. Rotary printer precision and its service life are endured because of gears using in printer.
3. The printer and dyer can be connected by the only data cable. In addition, this kind of machine can dry without a lifting printer so that the manpower.
4. We employ experienced workers from Taiwai as our decollators to supervise the complex process of shifting tubes from printing table to the chain. So the stability performance can be guaranteed.
5.Dyers consist of 2 parts, one is for laminar current and UV treatment, the other is for infrared heating; especially, the special laminar current makes the gloss oil works well reducing the count on gloss oil wheel.
6. The whole printing table can be moved backward 5mm so that the contact of ink and printing rod can be avoided.

Technical parameters of Six Color Rotary Printer:

Product dimension φ16-φ60
Capacity 75m/min
Motor power 3.7kw-[driving printing wheel,1pc];
2.2kw--[driving sub-printing wheel,1pc];
2.2kw--[driving chain,1pc];
0.06kw-- [driving ink stick, 6pcs]
UV lamp power 3 sets of UV lamp [5kw/set]
Heating power 12kw
Working air pressure 0.4-0.8mpa
Working volt AC 380V
Overall dimension printer: 3m×1.8m×2m
dryer: 8.5m×0.9m×2m
Weight printer:3800kg
Boom Industry is a professional manufacturer and supplier of six color rotary printer in China. With 15 years experience of producing, selling and service in this products, we have exported six-color rotary printer worldwide like the United States, Japan, Russia, Australia, New Zealand, Indonesia, Malaysia, India, Burma, Italy, France, Nigeria, Vietnam, Iran, Syria, Kazakhstan, Poland, Romania etc, more than 80 countries and regions, and gain great reputation among those customers. If you need, please contact us.

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