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B-GF-80 Filling Sealing Machine


This kind of packaging machinery is widely used for filling, sealing and packing work. It is suitable for packing cosmetics, toothpaste, medicine, as well as food or chemistry fillings. The toothpaste filling machine is popular for the international market, so as the cosmetic filling machine. What's more, inner-heating method as well as outer heating method are all available for customers. This filling sealing equipment can accurately dispense products that are water-thin to viscous gels, mascaras to lipstick, shampoos, serums, lotions, and creams.


Our filling sealing machine B.GF-80 is a commonly used packing machine. The main advantages of this machine are as follows:
1.It is of mechanism structure.
2.Auto pre-tube container is adopted to confirm stability.
3.It is with the ability of auto tube feeding and auto position.
As a matter of those features, this equipment are popular both home and abroad.


We manufacture different kinds of filling sealing machine with different features as follows:
1.B•GF-80-1 type is of outer heating filling sealing machine. It is a kind of universal machine that can change specification conveniently.
2.B•GF-80-3 type is of inner heating filling sealer. It is uses hot air to heat the inner tube and it will not damage the surface tissue of soft tube. After Sealing, the appearance of goods is still beautiful.
3.B•GF-80-4 type is of inner heating filling sealing equipment. With the purpose of irregular shape sealing, various shapes can be sealed, so the position is very precise. All heating components tighten parts and sealing Parts uses the irregular device.
4.B•GF-80-5 type of machine apply to filling and sealing soft tubes. Its diameter is aboveΦ40. The feature of this sealing machine is great filling volume and big tube diameters. At the same time, it has inner and outer heating.

Main Technical Parameters

Type 80-1 80-3 80-4 80-5
Power supply 380V/50Hz 380V/50Hz
Power 4.6 kW 5.5kw
Filling volume 10-180ml 100-200ml
Dosage precision ±1.5℅ ±2℅
Productivity 80pcs/min 45-80pcs/min
Tube diameters ф19-ф35mm Φ30-Φ50mm
Dimensions(L×W×H) 1950×1050×2190mm 2250×1120×2190
Weight(kg) 1300kg 1800kg
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