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B-GFL-80 Aluminum Tube Filling Sealing Machine


The B•GFL-80 aluminum tube filling sealing machine is widely used for automatically filling and sealing ends to many products, such as toothpaste, shoeshine, cosmetic, hose drug, and so on. Combined with other equipment like automatic packaging unit, this filling sealing equipment becomes a production line for filling, sealing and packing. It can also be used independently. This equipment will accurately dispense products that are water-thin to viscous gels, mascaras to lipstick, shampoos, serums, lotions, and creams.

Main features of aluminum tube filling sealing machine

1. This kind of filling and sealing machine is controller by microcomputer.
2. Frequency control of motor speed.
3. Accurate color batch position.
4. Quantity of filling is very precise.
5. The code is printed at the end of tube.

Main parameters

1.Dimension of soft tube: ф16-ф38mm
2.Location accuracy of color Code: ±5mm
3.Quantity accuracy of filling: ±5℅
4.Production: ≤80pcs/min
5.Power: 1.5kw

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