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CG-RO Reverse Osmosis Water Treatment Equipment


CG-RO reverse osmosis pure water device is widely in cosmetics, pharmacy, chemical industry, food industry and drinking water.


1. Most parts, over 90%, are exported from abroad.
2. Automatically operation enables this machine can Stop when the water is full and open when there is no water in it.
3. You can use automatic to wash pre-transition material regularly. In addition, IC microcomputer is set to wash reverse osmosis membrane. Conductivity of raw water and pure water are also displayed on the screen of computer.
4. The conductivity of pure water is 10≤μm/cm.
5. Reverse osmosis salt rejection rate ≥99%; complete machine salt rejection rate ≥97%; there has organic matter, colloform, germ, heat source, over 98%.

Main Technical Parameters

Model Capacity T/H Power KW Recovery % Will water Conductivity US/CM Raw water Conductivity US/CM Remarks
RO-500 0.5 0.75 50 ≤10 ≤400 CG-RO-500L-A is reverse osmosis + Mixed bed (zwitterions exchange column) outlet electrical conductivity is within 0.1-1.0 micron /cm which reaches to ultra-pure sta

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