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HDZ-100G Ointment Cartoning Machine


This ointment cartoning machine, also known as ointment cartoner or ointment carton machine, is a machine to seal and trim film enclosure. The biggest advantage of this machine is that it can accommodate a variety of applications. Every part of this machine is designed for products, so efficiency and simplicity are inherent in each system. This machine is widely used in packaging ointment bottles (aluminum or plastic). At the same time, cantons can be opened molding automatically.

Main Characteristics

1.Automatic packaging machine can seal various types of products, including vacuum packaging.
2.This cartoning equipment is specifically engineered for the products to assure harmonious interaction.
3.This cartoning machinery is equipped with automatic checkout system, and the alarm will be ringed when the unqualified product emerges.
4.The display screen can display faults and solutions to resolve it.
5.This machine uses man-machine interface operating system to display the packing speed and counting.
6.This packing machine can finish different specifications of requirementst to package boxes.
7. Speed-regulated with variable frequency and PLC automatic control system.
8. Adopting man-machine interface operating system with automatic indication of packaging speed and counting.
9. Switchover between manual and automatic operation.
10. Box packaging of different specifications can be conducted on the same machine.
11. Automatically folded description sheets can be prepared and 3-line lot numbers in steel seal can be printed at the same time.
12. Automatic inspection system for alarm and machine switch-off in case of non-conforming products.
13. Can set the functions of not absorbing description and not absorbing carton and not stopping the machine.

Main Parameters

Speed: 60-120box/min
Specifications of the box carton (L×H×W): (65mm-120mm)×(25mm-40mm)×(25mm-40mm)
Specifications of the manual: (90mm-250mm)×(110mm-160mm)
Power: 380V/50HZ
Total Power: 1.1kw
Equipment dimensions (not including conveyer belt): 1150mm×1120mm×1500mm
Compressed air pressure: 0.6MPa
Consumption tolerance: 30-90L/min
Weight: 800kg

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