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Pipe Bonding Machine

Pipe Bonding Machine

Pipe Diameter : 30~160mm(inner dia)
Pipe Thickness: 6~25mm
Pipe Cutting Length: Adjustable
Peoducting Speed: 0-15m/min
Working Air Pressure: 0.6MPa
Cutting Method: Round Knife

PE Pipe Bonding Machine is manufactured in a simple and convenient way for unskilled operator. which is cable of operation by the separated Control panel.

Bonded PE pipes for insulating purpose, pipes out-diameter's range can be adjustable to international piping coverage.

Soft Pipe Extruder Machine

  • Manufacturer of PVC and CPVC extruded industrial pipe, duct and machining shapes in standard and custom sizes.
  • Manufacturer of PVC and CPVC extruded industrial pipe, duct and machining shapes in standard and custom sizes.
  • Offers extruders, dies, peripheral machines and parts for the food and plastics industry.
  • Two Layer Plastic Soft Tube Extruder

  • Manufacturer of plastic tanks and distributor for tubes, extruded plastic tubing, nylon tubes, polycarbonate tubing, polyethylene tubes, polyurethane tubing and PVC tubing. Provides a variety of industries with quality, cost-effective plastic tubing.
  • Manufactures packaging tubes, plastic mailing tubes, colored tubing, lighting plastics, and other custom extruded products.
  • Manufacturer of extruded plastic tubes, rods, profiles and coatings. Tool construction and quality assurance.
  • Single Screw Extruder For Soft PVC

  • Germany. Multi-national manufacturers of machinery and complete plants for the steel and plastics extrusion industries. Single- and twin-screw extruders, and planetary roller extruders for the plastics composite industry. Technical information and specifications on PDF files. English and German.
  • Manufacture and rebuild feedscrews and barrels for twin and single screw extruders and injection molders.
  • Offers automatic screw machine services via multi-spindle and single spindle screw machines. Also provides CNC operations.
  • Soft Pipe Extrsuion Line

  • Sells pipes, tobacco and cigars. Includes the Magic Inch, accessories, and their own line of pipes.
  • Specialized in plastic lined pipe and plastic lined pipe fittings. Provides detailed product information.
  • A leading manufacturer of corrugated (HDPE) polyethylene drainage pipe products. Making drain pipe for the municipal, agriculture and housing construction markets. Offering a complete line of pipe fittings. The site contains engineering and application information on drainage.
  • PVC Soft Hose Extruder

  • Manufacture extruded thermoplastic profiles, tubing and hose products from, PVC, polyethylene, polypropylene, styrene, ABS and noryl.
  • Electrical insulating sleevings for almost every purpose. The range of products spread from extruded hose made from silicone, polyurethane or PVC to braided sleeves made from glass, polyester or viscose textile yarns and thereafter impregnated with polyurethane or silicone resins.
  • Manufactures PVC lay flat hose, flexible hose, duct hose, pump car hose ,grit hose, power spray hose, super air hose.
  • Pipe Bonding Machine