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Shampoo Production Line


This shampoo production line includes shampoo vessel, mixing vessel, dosage barrel, operation platform, control cabinet and reliant parts such as filters, pipes, and valves. This shampoo production machine is made and installed strictly based on the industrial standards. We have relevant production license. We can specially design and install this production line for users based on users' specific needs. Quality repair and replacement of fault parts are provided for this shampoo production line.

The shampoo vessel is the most important part of the whole Production line. It is composed of inner vessel, steam and cooling water isolated case, outer insulating layer of the isolated case, upper speed-adjustable milling device and material-in and –out device. And the inner vessel and outer case adopt stainless steel.

Main Technical Parameters

Model Specifications
Liner Size(Diameter × height)mm Jacket Thickness
Jacket pressure
Pressure Pot (MPa) Insulation thickness
Power Speed Motor Power(kW) Speed
XB200 200 ф650×880 40 ≤0.2 Pressure 30 380V/50Hz 0.75 10-400
XB350 350 ф800×980 40 ≤0.2 Pressure 30 380V/50Hz 1 10-400
XB500 500 ф880×1060 40 ≤0.2 Pressure 30 380V/50Hz 1.5 10-400
XB750 750 ф1000×1200 45 ≤0.2 Pressure 40 380V/50Hz 2 10-400
XB1000 1000 ф1100×1280 50 ≤0.2 Pressure 50 380V/50Hz 3.5 10-400
XB2000 2000 ф1400×1500 50 ≤0.2 Pressure 50 380V/50Hz 7.5 10-400

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