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B-GX Liquid Filling Capping Following Machine


This liquid filling capping following machine B•GX-III is liquid followed and with the work of filling, capping, screwing combined as an organic whole. B•GX-III filling and screwing (capping) machine of liquid following is suitable for automatically filling and capping the liquid products, such as pharmacy, food, chemistry, pesticide, etc. With PLC controlled, this equipment uses six-head tracing filling technology, and eight-head planetary screwing (capping) technology. Besides, this liquid filling capping following equipment also has screen-touching of people-machine interface operation. Combined with other devices are available because of the compact and reasonable construction.

Main Technical Parameters

Productivity 80-100bot/min
Range 20-250ml
Volume precision ≤±2%
Capping rate ≥98%
Screwing rate ≥98%
Power supply 380V/50Hz
Power 2.2kW
Weight 1500kg

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