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Puffed Food Production Line


The puffed food production line is a kind of foodstuff equipment used to manufacturing leisure food such as inflating foodstuffs, rice bread, rolling snacks, gruels, nutrient flour and so on. There are rice bread machine, inflating foodstuff machinery, gruels equipments, nutrient flour machines included.
Our puffed food production line, on the basis of absorbing the advanced foreign technology, has met with the international standard high quality. the process from feeding materials, extruding & inflating, core filling, shaping, roasting, spraying to finished products is done successively with automation. We fill the gap of the first-class food produced with extruded & inflated technology.

Auxiliary Engine

The inflating foodstuff machinery is equipped with other auxiliary engines, such as mixer, double extruder, core filler, multi-filler, large hoister, three layer roasting oven and flavoring line.

Main Technical Parameters

Model Double-screw Production Line
SS56-Ⅲ SS56-Ⅱ SS56-Ⅷ
Installed power 69kw 69kw 69kw
Power 35kw 35kw 35kw
Capacity 150kg/h 120-150kg/h 120-150kg/h
Length 24m 24m 24m
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